Will the heating work if the ambiant temperature is lower than -15C

Frequently Asked Questions About CoolENERGY Heat Pumps 

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I have to tell you all that there are miracles, but very rarely !!!

Of course, you will continue to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home. The temperature in the room will not fall unless you keep the window open.

What is a heat pump? I think you can understand from the words that it is a device that pumps the heat from the outside to the inside with the help of a compressor and a freon.
-15C is the lowest outdoor temperature specified by the manufacturer, to which it still operates more efficiently than 1: 1, than when heated with electricity.


CoolENERGY Northline heat pump 11.4 Kw
With an outdoor temperature of + 7C and a set condition for heating + 35C (floor heating), the maximum energy consumption will be 2.9 kw and the calibration power will be 10.98 kw.

This ratio is approximately 1: 3.78. Generally speaking, with 1 kW electrical energy will heat up to 3.78 kW.

The lower the ambient temperature is, so this ratio is also lower too.

When the temperature in the buffer tank is not maintained by the heat pump for some time, then an electric heating element in the buffer tank is connecting as a suport to it.

So, even at minus temperature, heating remains more efficient and cheaper than electric heating alone.

By 0 C, heating is still cheaper than burning granules or briquettes, and even much more cheaper as a heating with liquefied gases.

And as many homeowners  probably notice, heating at temperatures of 0 ° C to 7 ° C requires more heat than minus temperatures.


Thanks for beautiful winter photo for Kaišedoriai, Lithuania



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