Flat plate solar collector KS2100F TLP ACR

Flat plate solar collector KS2100F TLP ACR

Gross surface: 2,06 m²
Optical efficiency (brutto): 79,1%
€390.00 (tax incl.)
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Flat plate solar collector KS2100F TLP ACR

is designed for small houses as well as large solar thermal systems. Perfect for single-family homes and apartment-houses, as well as commercial, industrial and other buildings. They can also be used for heating pool water and to support central heating.

The glass used in production of flat plate solar collector KS2100F TLP ACR is characterized by high permeability to solar radiation (transmittance). Additional, double sided anti-reflective coating is applied to the glass. it transmits 96,7% of solar radiation which classifies it as highest, X1 category among anti-reflective glass. 

Gross surface: 2,06 m²
Optical efficiency (brutto): 79,1%
Heat loss coefficient a1 (brutto): 3,342 W/(m²K)
Heat loss coefficient a2 (brutto) 0,014 W/(m²K²)
Length: 2022 mm
Width: 1019 mm
Height: 90 mm
Liquid capacity: 0,9 l
Weight: 36 kg
Solar Keymark Certificate: 011-7S2823 F
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